[Starscape PC] FAQ – General

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You might be familiar with our live streaming app Starscape Creator Studio, but have no idea about our product of the same name on PC end. Today, let’s talk about Starscape Creator Studio PC we have in our product matrix. Starscape PC FAQ series will be illustrated in different themes to help you get a better understanding of the product. For the first article, let’s begin with covering some general questions.

What is Starscape Creator Studio PC?

Starscape Creator Studio PC is a streaming tool kit designed for streamers & content creators. We want to make streamers’ life easier by offering easy-to-use tools in high demand. It was originated from Starscape OBS manager – one of our key tools to support manage OBS plugins easier. As we’re developing more tools, we prefer to assemble all the essentials ones in the same place for use and management.

Starscape Creator PC New Interface
New look of Starscape Creator Stuido PC

What platforms does Starscape Creator PC support?

It currently only supports 64 bit windows 8.1 or above.

What modules are available in Starscape Creator Creator PC so far?

The OBS plugin manager becomes one of the moduels in the left navigation bar. On the basis of that, we’ve just launched a new module called Sputnik recently which enables our mobile app users to send commands back to the PC clients. The concept is to let the mobile app act as a satellite for your own planet (PC). To realize remote control, you’ll need to pair with Starscape Creator Studio App to realize remote control. For now, only iOS V2.0.5+ is featured with sputnik module. We hope to release Android update with sputnik feature very soon.

And meanwhile, we’re considering to add a few more modules. If you want to catch up the latest news or give us suggestions, welcome to join our Discord. Stay tuned!

New Module in Starscape Creator Studio - Sputnik homepage
New Module – Sputnik homepage
New Module in Starscape Creator Studio - Sputnik setting page
New Module – Sputnik setting page

How could streamers submit bugs, feedback and suggestions?

If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach us via Discord and post your inquiry in the related channel. Or, you could email us to app.support@starscape.live. We’ll prioritize inquiries with a focused theme, clear expression and solid information.

Keep updating

We’ll keep on talking to our users, help you set up streaming, support you to solve problems and summarize the frequently asked questions in this Starscape PC FAQ episode to help more streamers world wide. Stay tuned. ❤️