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Starscape Creator Studio FAQ – Android Episode

In the last article, we’ve covered some general topics users might face when using Starscape Creator Studio to stream. It’s basically about account login, channel selection & connection, channel access authorization and volume adjustment. Android system, as an open source operating system, offers a big opportunity for developers & device brands to innovate. However, it also brings some challenges for a live streaming app, whose feature is heavily rely on the system. So, we’ll focus on to answer Starscape Mobile FAQ for Android users in this chapter. Hope it helps you to understand the actual feature limitation and guide you to solve the problems properly.

Starscape Mobile FAQ

Why the internal sound is not in my streams?

– Game sound /Internal Audio Works only in Android 10 & above versions. If you wear a headphone, whether game sound will be in the streams also depends on the game itself. Some games do not allow other apps to take the sound track. So it’s not 100% guaranteed.
– For Android 9 or below users, if you want game sound on stream, try streaming without headphone/earphones and use your phone speaker instead.

Why I can’t talk to teammates in-game & stream with my voice included at same time?

Android 11 & Android 9 & below devices do not support 2 apps to have mic access at once. So, if you switch on the game mic talking to your teammates, your viewers can’t hear you on stream & vice versa.

Why I don’t have the Starscape floating window after the stream starts?

It does not appear because you did not give permissions to allow it to pop up. We’ve listed out below step suggestions about how to give permissions for some brands/devices for your reference:

Google native system: 1)Settings > Apps > Special app access > Display over other apps 2)Find “Starscape Creator Studio” and allow

Samsung: 1)Settings > Apps > Special access > Appear on top 2)Find “Starscape Creator Studio” and allow

One Plus: 1)Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special app access > Display over other apps 2)Find “Starscape Creator Studio” and allow

Huawei: 1)Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > menu at top right > Special access > Draw over other apps 2)Find “Starscape Creator Studio” and allow

MI Long press Starscape’s app icon -> App Info -> Other permissions -> Enable [Display Pop-Up windows while running in the background] & [Display pop-up window]

For rest device brands unlisted above, you could try out below steps:
1) Open settings
2) Search “Display over other apps”
3) Find “Starscape Creator Studio” and allow

Why does the Starscape floating window/bubble disappear during streaming?

Here are two scenarios for your reference:

– It disappears due to some bugs which cause app-crash. If you encounter this, please report to Starscape admin in relevant Discord channel.We’ll look deep into this and fix the bug. Before we figure it out, you’ll have to restart our app for streaming.

– When you play games and live stream at the same time, the CPU & GPU of your phone experiences a high load. To run the current task smoothly, the phone automatically kills the background processes to run the game. To fix this, please refer to the answer for the question of “How to fix Crash?”

Starscape Mobile FAQ : To be continued

We’ll keep on to talking to our users, help you set up streaming, support you to solve problems and summarize the frequently asked questions in this Starscape Mobile FAQ episode to help more streamers world wide. Stay tuned. ❤️