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Live stream app Starscape FAQ
Starscape Creator Studio – Frequently Asked Questions – General

Starscape Creator Studio is a free & powerful live streaming app for streamers & content creators to live game streaming or IRL broadcasting to YouTube live, Facebook live, Twitch TV and custom destinations at any time and anywhere from just a mobile phone. It’s both available on Android and iOS with mature features.

During the development journey, we collected many frequently asked questions from our community. So we wrote them down in order to help new users shoot troubles in a faster and more effective way. Starscape Mobile FAQ General chapter will be organized into 3 parts with themes of General, Android and iOS. Let’s focus on the Starscape Mobile general questions in this chapter.

Live Streaming FAQ General

Why did I receive a notification saying “This account has been registered, please change another account”? And how to fix it?

Screenshot of live stream issue: This account has been registered, please change another account
Registration failure screenshot

This pops up because you registered into Starscape via our website OR you used to log in via another social media account which shares the same email address with the one you’re trying to log in. For instance, you logged in via youtube channel and your email for youtube is joy@gmail.com. For whatever the reason, you logged out and came back again some days later. And this time, you’re trying to log in via your Facebook channel whose email is also joy@gmail.com. That’s why you get this reminder.

To solve this issue, please log in with a social channel other than the current one at the top left of the main page. You should be able to login, after which you’re good to bundle your preferred social channels at top left or connect them after clicking [Ready] for live streaming. Taking the above case as example again, I’ll need to go top left and log in via my youtube channel and then connect my facebook channel.

Why Starscape Creator Studio Crashes?

Starscape Creator Studio might crash due to below reasons:
– Unstable internet
– When you play games and live stream at the same time, the CPU & GPU of your phone experiences a high load. To run the current task smoothly, the phone automatically kills the background processes to run the game. And that’s why you may face crashes. (The game is prioritized to the phone as the streaming app runs on the back end).
– Other specific cases caused by bugs. You’re always welcome to ping Starscape Staff in Discord channel for help.

How to fix Crash?

Here is a sample guide to fix the crash, but the path may vary according to devices. And again, you could always come back to us for support.

– Step 1: Enable Starscape in [Lock Apps]
Settings -> Apps -> System app setting -> Security -> Boost speed -> Lock apps -> Enable Starscape

– Step 2: Set battery settings to [No restrictions]
Long press Starscape’s app icon -> App Info -> Battery Saver -> No Restrictions

I got this pop-up of “This function can’t be used without account access. Please log out & log in again and give access by checking the boxes before continue” before live streaming. What should I do?

Access issue screenshot
Access issue screenshot

It popped up because you skipped the access-giving page without checking boxes when you chose a channel/account. That means, you did not give enough permission to us supporting you to start a stream. So please log out and log in again, and make sure you check the requested permissions boxes. It only appears when it’s a brand new channel, meaning it won’t happen again after your successful login for once.

If I have multiple channels on the same email while connecting to my Youtube channel with Starscape app, then where is the option to select the other channel for live streaming ?

This is technically limited by Google and we could not do much so far unfortunately. However, we still have a chance! let’s do below steps to change to your preferred channel to stream.

– Please press that little icon which looks like a door and log out.
– And then, press ready, select YouTube and connect. From there, the Google page will pop up again and you’re good to choose which channel you want to stream to.

Choose account to connect screenshot
Channel selection screenshot

I received a pop-up message of “The connection with youtube has timed out”. What does this mean?

Connection issue screenshot
Connection issue screenshot

It means the network request to connect youtube has timed out. It most likely happens when there is a problem with your network – The connected router may be down or the network speed is relatively slow. So, please simply to self-check by opening any youtube videos or stream using your mobile data.

How could I adjust internal audio’s volume in my live streaming?

We suggest to turn on privacy mode during streaming and go back to our app. At the bottom, you’ll find “volume”. If you click it, you’ll see two bars: Microphone and App Volume (Game sound/Internal audio)

Volume adjustment bars within live stream app Starscape Creator Studio
Volume adjustment bars within Starscape Creator Studio

Side note

– The default volume settings should be good as we have tested out the ideal volume match before this feature launches.
– If you want to mute your voice or internal audio, you could drag the volume bar to the most left.
– So many users asking this question makes us realize this UI is not good. Users usually don’t come back to our live streaming app thus will easily ignore the features here. So, we’re working on to optimize the UI and hope you won’t miss it in the future.

How could I use Starscape RTMP feature to live streaming to Rooter?

Please follow the steps and retry:
– Open your Chrome App in mobile
– Turn on desktop site option by clicking 3 dot in top right corner on the browser
– Search for https://web.roter.gg/
– Login into your account
– Go to live streaming section and select your game (⚠️Important)
– Stream key will be generated but do not click copy button
– Manually copy the stream key & URL by long press from web browser & paste it in Starscape Creator Studio App “Custom platform” section. Finalize the stream set up in Starscape and you’re good to go!
(PS: Android + Camera live Vertical mode is not supported for now)

I live streamed to Facebook, why could I only see my own chats on the overlay but not these sent by my friends?

Starscape is only able to display all live comments after you give us the proper posting permission. So, please check the highlighted reminder and make sure you select “Public” and “OK” .

Screenshot of set posting permission for Facebook
Screenshot of set posting permission for Facebook

Starscape Mobile FAQ General – To be continued

We’ll keep on to talking to our users, help you set up streaming, support you to solve problems and summarize the frequently asked questions in this Starscape Mobile FAQ General episode to help more streamers world wide. Stay tuned. ❤️