OBS Plugin Manager – Starscape [Overview]

You might be tired of installing OBS plugins manually for a long time. Are you looking for something simple to show what plugins are out-of-date so you could easily notice and update if a new version comes out? You may wonder if there is a tool to streamline the process of discovering, installing and uninstalling top OBS plugins. Yes, here is a thing for you – Starscape Creator Studio PC software. It’s a streaming tool kit designed for streamers & content creators and features OBS plugin manager as the first module. 

OBS plugin manager - Starscape
OBS plugin manager module

In today’s overview, let’s introduce OBS plugin manager module from several aspects:

  • Download & Install Starscape OBS plugin manager
  • Layout & Key features
  • Multi-profiles & profile management
  • Community & Support

Download & Install Starscape OBS plugin manager

Where to download Starscape Creator Studio PC software? Let’s visit its official website and click download button. It’s currently supports 64 bit Windows 8.1 or above. Once downloaded, simply follow the instructions to finish installation.

Starscape Creator Studio
Starscape Creator Studio official website

Layout & Key features

OBS plugin manager - layout & key features
OBS plugin manager -layout & key features

As you can see from the left navigation bar, Starscape Creator Studio has 2 modules so far – OBS plugin manager and Sputnik (remote controller). And it opens the OBS plugin manager module by default at this moment.

If we look at the top bar, there are 3 tabs – Discover, Update and Installed. Discover page lists out top OBS plugins for you to find the plugins you need and install them right away. You could either key in the plugin name in the search bar. It also supports sort by installed date, plugin name from A to Z and download number.

OBS plugin manager - Update page
OBS plugin manager – Update feature

Update tab, as the name tells, is used to update OBS plugins. Starscape Creator Studio automatically detects whether installed plugins need to be upgraded through matching the hash value. (The hash value is calculated and saved for the latest version of each plugin. By matching the hash value, it’s simple to know whether plugins are safe and request updates.) What’s more, you could also click the little refresh button to check if there is any new plugin update out.

These OBS plugins with new versions available are listed at the left side and version number, date and what’s new are displayed at the right side.

You could either upgrade a single plugin or bulk upgrade several selected plugins by clicking the checkboxes in front of the plugin names. What’s more, you could also select all or deselect all plugins for further actions.

OBS plugin manager - Installed feature
Starscape Creator Studio – Installed feature

All the installed OBS plugins are gathered at the Installed page for you to have an overview. If you don’t need a plugin any more, you could press Uninstall to delete it.

Multi-profile support & Profile management

multi-profile support
Multi-profile support

If you have more than one OBS Studio installations on your laptop and want to use OBS plugin manager to check plugins for each of them, we get a solution for you – Multi-profiles support. You could click the setting icon and enter into the profile management page. You could add or delete a profile by clicking “+” or “-” button. For now, max 9 profiles are supported. To rename it with a proper & easy memorable name, you just need to right click the profile. To sort the profiles in your preferred order, you could simply drag & drop them.

You could also import or export profiles by clicking the little gear at the right corner. To set the OBS root path, you just need to browse and select the file path you want. Each profile supports setting an independent OBS directory.

Community & Support

Thank you for your love & support of Starscape OBS Plugin Manager. Special thanks to our users who tested our product gave us great feedback for us to improve, including but not limited to below users :

  • Blondelion
  • Schneider
  • KattPhloxworthy
  • Exeldro
  • Joel Thomas
  • Josh-65
  • kiDix
  • Leggenda88
  • Doc Simpson
  • Aletz84
  • Kami no teki
  • LiveDoEdu
  • Zero Absolu Gaming
  • Daniel

This is all about the OBS Plugin Manager module in Starscape Creator Studio! What might amazes you more is it’s completely free! So, why not give it a try? If you’re also looking for a community to get support, tips and share streaming experiences, don’t hesitate to join our Discord channel. ❤️