[Guide] Why is my phone overheating during live streaming and how to cool it down?

Phone overheating during streaming
Phone overheating during streaming?

Recently, we have some mobile users leaving us comments saying his/her phone is overheating when they’re doing live streams from mobile with our Starscape Creator Studio app (Android & iOS). 

Before going quickly with the conclusion of a “bad streaming app”,  you may want to consider a number of possible causes. Let’s slow down and try to find out what’s making your phone so hot. 

Why is my phone overheating during live streaming?

  • Gaming & Streaming
  • Run many other apps in the background 
  • Unstable signal
  • External environment

Gaming & Streaming

Playing mobile games, such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends Bang Bang probably is the most common scenario you have on your phone. These mobile games normally are of high-intensity which use your phone’s central processing cores in addition to its GPU. 

Plus, you’re also using our Starscape app to live your gameplay screen. That means another CPU intensive process is playing on. You may not imagine but your phone is experiencing a high load. And the situation is most likely to get worse if you stream your mobile games for more than 1 hour and above. Gaming and streaming at the same time indeed warm up your phone and cause overheating. 

Run many other apps in the background

One fact many people may ignore is that we’re inclined to have many apps running at the backend unintentionally. But you should be aware of another fact that every app running in the background taps into your phone’s processor, RAM and battery. All these give overheat another powerful speed-up. Remember, the more apps you have at the backend, the faster the overheating speed-up process could be.

Unstable signal

If you have a bad signal, your phone’s antenna is put under a much heavier load, especially when you’re live streaming. Live streaming is a more complex task and requires a higher standard of signal processing than gaming. The live streaming app has to record your screen, mic and to encode and send that over the internet constantly which is intensive. It’s even working more hard to search and retain the signal connection, which results in increasing power consumption and generating heat.

External environment

This factor is explicitly self-explanatory. Imagine you’re sitting outside and getting exposed to the sun in hot summer holding a phone to live stream. What do you get then? Phone heat.

How to fix phone overheating?

Get a new high-performance smartphone

This tip might sound a bit funny but it’s true. As mentioned above, capturing your gameplay & mic, processing and streaming it to the live platform is not an easy job for low-end phones or even a high-performance phone but has been used for several years . If your budget allows you to, we suggest you get a new high-performance phone. If you care very much about the heat, please do some phone brand research and choose these non-heat sensitive ones. 

Close background apps

Clear all the unused apps and only keep the necessary ones on. After such a “housekeeping”, your phone could focus more on doing the main job you assign to it. 

Get your phone fully charged and avoid game playing, live streaming and charging

Pretty self-explanatory. Get prepared before you kick off a stream. If you plan to do a long time streaming, better to fully charge your phone and get your charger connected when you have to. 

Reduce the use of animated or html overlays

Streamers love customized & fully decorated streaming overly, and so do their audience. We do offer advanced overlay setting in our Starscape app, which allows streamers to customize their own branded overlay. It supports text, image, Gif and also html overlay from Streamelements. 

Yes, all these widgets together will definitely enrich streaming content and meanwhile cause heat too. It’s all about tradeoffs. A more smooth live streaming experience with less overheat possibilities or a fancy animated overlay looking with possible lags & much overheating, it’s your decision. So, if you want to reduce overheat during live streaming, try to use less and smaller overlay files. 

Do a speed test of your wifi/4G/5G & stay with good signal

We encourage you to do a speed test before your broadcasting with a 3rd party tool app, so that you could have a clear idea about your internet health. Make sure your internet speed is decent and the signal is stable. This minimizes the lag of your live streaming and also decreases the overheating possibility. 

Remove your phone case in streaming

What if you wear a heavy jacket and do exercise for 1 hour in summer? Super hot! Your dissipation system is badly affected. That’s the same case if your phone wears a case while live streaming for a long time. Your phone case will keep that heat in just like your jacket does to you. What to do?  Take your phone case off so the heat can dissipate as quickly as possible. 

Plus, do remember to avoid the direct sunlight and get close to the air-conditioner or fan. 

Summary about phone overheating reasons & how to fix

If you’re facing phone overheating issues during live streaming, then this article is for you. After explaining several reasons that cause heat, we believe you’ve some understanding of it in general. Hope you like the tips to cool it down. Good luck with your streamings! 

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