[Guide] OBS Plugin – Spectralizer

OBS studio can be incredibly helpful & powerful when it’s equipped with a variety of add-ons and plugins. In today’s episode, we’ll introduce an amazing audio visualizer plugin for OBS Studio – Spectralizer.

Top OBS plugins 2022- Spectralizer

One of the Top OBS Plugins: Spectralizer

Setup difficulty: ★

Recommendation level: ★★★★

Plugin address: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/spectralizer.111670/

Official documentation: https://github.com/univrsal/spectralizer

What’s the main functions of Spectralizer?

It allows you to create dynamic audio visualizations of multiple OBS audio sources. It’s a must-have tool for music streamers. With the right configuration and combination, it can do a lot of things for you.

It looks like this:

top obs plugin 2022 - Spectralizer

How to set up Spectralizer?

  • Add a source in OBS
  • Set parameters for Spectralizer
  • Tips & Tricks to create a gradient effect

First step is to add a source in OBS:

add a source for obs plugin - Spectralizer
Add a source for obs plugin – Spectralizer

Second step is to set parameters per your need:

set parameters for obs plugin - spectralizer
Set parameters for obs plugin – spectralizer
  • Audio Visualizer: Audio source selection
  • Filter: Sound effect plugin
  • Color
  • Bar Width
  • Height
  • Spacing
  • Enable automatic scaling: it’generally enabled

  • Stereo: when it’s enabled, the audio spectrum becomes symmetrical.
  • Stereo space: It’s a gap appears when stereo is enabled
  • Detail: It means the number of bars
  • Display effect
top obs plugin 2022 - Spectralizer application in obs studio

Tips & Tricks for Spectralizer: 

How to create the gradient effect shown above? Let’s apply a shader filter to the audio spectrum following below steps.

apply a shader filter to the audio spectrum
Target effect
wear a mask for audio in OBS
Wear a mask for audio in OBS
Final look of OBS after adding a shader filter on audio
Final look

There are also a couple of other shader filters, such as rolling and color correction. And you can combine them to various effects per your need.

That’s all about one of the top OBS plugins – Spectralizer. If you have any questions, feel free to send emails to app.support@starscape.live or join our Discord.


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