Free Stream Deck alternative – Sputnik [Tutorial]

Are you looking for free stream deck alternative to make your multi-task live streaming easier? The Sputnik feature within Starscape Creator Studio is right here for streamers and content creators like you. You don’t need to spend a hundred bucks purchasing hardware nor subscribe monthly for a remote control service any more. All you need is to get your windows PC and a phone ready, let’s go! 

In today’s article, we’ll introduce basic but useful tips for you to get started. Streamers or content creators, the possibilities with Starscape Creator Studio are endless. All the rest customization is up to you to make your own remote controller. 

We’ll break down the content into several parts as below:

  • Download & Install Starscape Creator Studio PC software
  • Connect PC with mobile phone
  • Design your panel & Set up hotkeys
  • Other features overview 

Step 1: Download & Install Starscape Creator Studio PC software

First of all, let’s go visit the website: and click the “Download for free” button. As the little icon reflects, Starscape Creator Studio software is only available for Windows now. To be more accurate, it supports 64 bit Windows 8.1 or above.

Starscape Creator Studio website
Starscape Creator Studio website

After downloading, go click install the software per instructions. Everything is super simple and quick. Now, let’s open Starscape Creator Studio and quickly check out what’s inside the software. 

Starscape Creator Studio PC look
Starscape Creator Studio PC look

From the left navigation menu, we could see there are 2 little icons – which are the entrances for different features. The first one, as you might know, is the OBS plugin manager that supports installing, uninstalling or updating your OBS plugins super easy by just a few clicks. 

Starscape PC opens this page by default but we’ll dive deep into it in other articles. Now, let’s click the second remote controller-looking button and focus on the Sputnik feature. (Tip: Before we establish the connection Please make sure your OBS studio is closed. )

Step 2: Connect PC with mobile phone

– Install a required plugin to start

At this time of point, we get a pop-up window which asks us to do some preparations before we start. Let’s simply click “Install” to continue. Boom! No more complex steps, OBS plugin manager is still playing its role to make Sputnik plugin installation happen just in a second. 

Install Sputnik plugin to build connection
Install Sputnik plugin to start

– Open OBS and build connection 

Now, let’s open OBS studio. The connection between PC and our software will be automatically built via the plugin we’ve installed. Once you see the “Connected” status in OBS studio, it’s successful! If not, try switching modules by clicking the little icons in the left menu and then come back. 

Connected status in OBS Studio
Connected status in OBS Studio

– Download Starscape Creator Studio App

According to the instructions, the next step is to go to either Google play or the App store to download our mobile app by the same name of Starscape Creator Studio. 

Free stream deck alternative Sputnik - Starscape Creator Studio App
Starscape Creator Studio App

– Open app and go to Stream Tools tab

Once the app is installed, please open it and give required permissions. Then, swipe to the Stream tools page and you’ll see the Sputnik feature. Now, lift your phone and scan the QR code shown on our PC sputnik page to establish the connection. 

Free stream deck alternative Sputnik mobile
Stream Tools – Sputnik

If it’s showing you the blank panel, you’re good to continue. Meanwhile, you’ll notice the blank panel also appears on our software. From now on, your smartphone becomes your remote control. And the interface of your phone will sync with the panel shown on the PC, which means any setting or operations you do in our PC software will be mirrored on your phone. 

Free stream deck alternative Sputnik mobile - Blank panel on mobile device
Blank panel on mobile device

Step 3: Design your panel & Set up hotkeys

Free stream deck alternative Sputnik configuration page
Ready to configure

If you look at the right navigation bar, you’ll see we support control OBS Studio and System media wirelessly. Down below the OBS section, there are several types: 

  • Mixer Audio:toggle mute of audio sources
  • Stream:  Start/stop streaming
  • Record:  Start/stop recording
  • Source: Hide/Unhide
  • Scene:  Switch between scenes

And within the System section, you’ll find multimedia:

  • Play and Pause
  • Previous song and Next song
  • Increase or decrease the volume 
  • Mute or Unmute

– Hotkey configuration

To start configure, drag and drop functions from the right navigation bar to the black keys on the left. Each single key can be fully customized at the bottom. You could set a proper key title, representing the function key and select the Scene and the Source or the Operation to perform depending on the key. 

– Edit button: text, position, color 

You can also click on the “T” button to customize the title text by adjusting its position, its size or its color. 

– Customize the button appearance

If we look at the right side,  you could customize each single button in both cases when the key is set as default or when it’s enabled. In both cases you can customize the key appearance by importing any image or gif animation, apply any background color or simply reset the key with the revert button.

– Other feature overview: 

  • Press the “+” button if you need more keys and pages; Press “-” to delete the current page
  • Choose button layout from 2×3, 3×5 or 4×7 
  • Add new device:  support more than 1 device

Download free stream deck alternative Sputnik & Give it a try!

This is all about the Starscape Creator Studio Sputnik feature! What might amazes you more is it’s completely FREE! If you’re looking for a free stream deck alternative, why not give it a try? If you’re also looking for a community to get support, tips and share streaming experiences, don’t hesitate to join our Discord channel. For more video tutorials, welcome to subscribe our youtube channel.